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Updated 8 October 2020

A total of 3,583 extant species of Culicidae are currently formally recognised. Seven species listed as members of the mosquito fauna of Yunnan Province of China by Dong et al. (2004) have not been formally described and have been removed from the Valid Species List. The seven manuscript names, i.e. nomina nuda, include aranoideoides [Tripteroides (Rachionotomyia)], funerearoides [Heizmannia (Heizmannia)], nigerrmus (sic) [Toxorhynchites (Toxorhynchites)], pallidabdomen [Armigeres (Armigeres)], smudges [Uranotaenia (Pseudoficalbia)], spinophallus [Uranotaenia (Uranotaenia)] and splendenroides [Toxorhynchites (Toxorhynchites)]. Two other species names included in the list of these authors, i.e. maximalepido [Heizmannia (Heizmannia)] and pallidothorax [Tripteroides (Rachionotomyia)], were formally described by Dong et al. (2005) and  Dong et al. (2008), respectively.

The names of the currently recognised species are listed alphabetically in the pdf attached below. Species of Aedini are listed according to the phylogenetic classification of Reinert et al. (2009). A second pdf  lists the aedine species that are classified for convenience as members of a very large composite genus Aedes by Wilkerson et al. (2015). Species names (in boldface) are followed by their authorship and year of publication, and this combination is followed by the generic (subgeneric) placement of the species (in boldface indigo). Parentheses around authors' names and dates indicate that a species is currently placed in a genus other than the one in which the author(s) originally placed it.

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