Culex ekaterinae Gilka, Harbach & Perkosky, 2021


33.9–37.8 Mya, Priabonian, Eocene.


I.I. Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine, Kiev.


The following unique anatomical features may justify the recognition of a new subgenus for this species: presence of a distinct constriction beyond mid-length of the proboscis, wing with a very short mediocubital crossvein with the adjoining veins distinctly indented, posterior cubitus strongly developed and bearing scales, and the unusual agglutination of the setae on the subapical lobe of the male gonocoxite. Culex erikae Szadziewski & Szadziewska, 1985 is the closest known relative of Cx. ekaterinae.

Type data: 

Holotype ♂, Veselukha river valley, Rovno region, Ukraine (Rovno amber).

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