Subgenus Cellia

Grjebine (1966), Reid (1968) and Gillies & de Meillon (1968) are largely responsible for the existing internal classification of subgenus Cellia, although this system is based on Edwards (1932). For the most part, these authors dealt with the Anopheles of Madagascar, Southeast Asia and Africa, respectively. Reid (1968) and Gillies & de Meillon (1968) independently substituted the term ‘series’ for the ‘group’ categories in Edwards’ classification of Cellia (as Myzomyia). As Harrison (1980) noted, Gillies & de Meillon also introduced the term ‘section’ as a category below series level even though ‘species group’ was already in use for this level of taxon and ‘section’ as in use as a category above the series level (Reid & Knight, 1961). Inasmuch as Gillies & de Meillon interchanged the terms section and group, e.g., Funestus Section (pp. 2, 17) and Funestus Group (p. 128), Harbach (1994) replaced their ‘section’ with ‘group’ to correspond with the convention followed by other authors. This action added uniformity to the internal classification of genus Anopheles.

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